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M7 Admissions Consulting offers a comprehensive approach to your business school admissions process. You work closely with Kevin, Maria and/or Lusi to develop your optimal admissions message and then convey your message across all the elements of the applications.

Our specific services in the school packages are as follows:

Step 1. Assessment – The first step is to have you fill out our extensive questionnaire so that we have a complete picture of your profile. During this wide-ranging assessment process, we will make sure that you develop a plan for success so that you can answer the vital questions about your career history, future goals and desire for an MBA. We also will work with you to target the schools that best fit your needs.

Step 2. Resume review – Next, we help you produce a first draft of your MBA resume. Once we receive your resume draft, we review it carefully and provide detailed strategic feedback and line-by-line edits so that you can revise it efficiently.

Step 3. Brainstorming essay topics – With the resume serving as an effective snapshot of your overall positioning strategy, we then turn our attention to the essays. Before you begin the drafting process, we conduct an in-depth phone call where we brainstorm with you how to approach the essay topics for your first school so that you stay on message. From this conversation, you will have a solid understanding of how to approach each essay question while conveying your overall admissions message.

Step 4. Essay reviews – Once you have completed your first round of essay drafts, we will read your essays and provide extensive feedback on grammar and content to ensure that your responses are engaging and supportive of your positioning strategy. Because of our decade-plus experience reading thousands of successful applications, we know which clichés to avoid and which approaches will resonate with admissions officers of your target schools.

Step 5. Recommendation letter strategy and review – Most candidates think that getting a quality recommendation is as easy as handing off a form to a former boss. This could not be further from the truth. M7 helps candidates pick the right recommenders, draft outlines for them and manage the entire process to ensure that your references are supporting and adding crucial third-party details to your candidacy. Recommendations are a vital portion of your file and must work in tandem with your essays and professional experience. In order to present a consistent message across your entire application, we ask your recommenders to share their draft letters with us so that we can provide strategic and editorial comments.

Step 6. Data Form review – Application data forms are the place for applicants to include expanded employment listings, extracurricular activities, awards, honors, hobbies and much more. Many applicants neglect to make the needed time for this aspect of the process, resulting in hastily completed data forms. To prevent this mistake, M7 will review your data form answers to make sure that they are consistent with the rest of your application.

Step 7. Interview preparation for school – Top MBA programs use the interview as a final step before making their decision on your candidacy. It pays to prepare for your interviews and be certain that you will be able to articulate face-to-face all the information that you’ve already put on paper.  M7 will work with you to develop your interview skills and to ensure that you understand the “dos and don’ts” of a campus visit – from dress code to etiquette in the admissions lobby. We offer an interview strategy session tailored to your school, followed by a mock interview session in which we test your interview preparation under real conditions. By practicing for your interview, you will greatly improve your confidence and presentation in the interview.

Step 8. Post acceptance – When you receive your admissions decisions, we advise you on choosing between schools. We can also share tips on financing your degree and applying for scholarships. If you are waitlisted at a school, we can help improve your chances of getting accepted from the waitlist.



1 School Package: US$6,400    5 School Package: US$13,000
2 School Package: US$8,900    6 School Package: US$14,000
3 School Package: US$10,400    7 School Package: US$15,000
4 School Package: US$11,900   8 School Package: US$16,000

※ After the 8th school, each additional school will be charged US$800.


1-4 hours: US$450 per hour
5 -hour package: US$2,200
10 -hour package: US$4,200
15 -hour package: US$6,000

※ Hourly consulting can be purchased in conjunction with the ApplicantLab, but the ApplicantLab is not automatically included with hourly consulting purchase.


For budget-constrained applicants, we offer the ApplicantLab for US$299; it is the industry’s best “virtual consultant” that will walk you through your entire applications and provide actionable insights to address your particular profile issues.

The ApplicantLab is NOT just another online tutorial that gives you generic and general advice on applications; it is an intensive, interactive program that customizes to each applicant’s specific needs.


From our combined nearly three decades of working with thousands of top MBA applicants, we understand there are individual circumstances that require service customization beyond the scope of standard service offerings.

As such, we are happy to discuss alternative consulting arrangements based on your personal preferences. Please contact us for more details.

All our services and packages are non-refundable. Please make sure you purchase only the items that best fit your application needs.